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  • The mRNA-based TriMix technology boosts dendritic cells which play a fundamental role in the human immune system

  • The mRNA-based TriMix technology boosts dendritic cells which play a fundamental role in the human immune system

The results to date

The ex vivo TriMix-DC product (autologous dendritic cells electroporated with TriMix and antigen mRNA) has been validated in mouse models, two phase I clinical studies and two phase IIa clinical studies in melanoma patients (as stand-alone and in combination with ipilimumab).

Studies in melanoma patients showed a significant increased 1-year survival, best overall response, disease control and progression free survival (ASCO 2014 / ECCO 2015). The data suggest that the complete response of the combination treatment (TriMixDC plus ipilimumab) increased by a factor 5 - 10 (> 20 %) in comparison to ipilimumab alone (2-4%).

The findings of the study with TriMixDC in combination with ipilimumab in melanoma patients were published in March 2016 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, with the conclusion that "The combination of TriMixDC-MEL and ipilimumab is tolerable and results in an encouraging rate of highly durable tumor responses in patients with pretreated advanced melanoma."

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