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eTheRNA immunotherapies completes patient enrolment for Phase Ib-study in adjuvant melanoma

Brussels/Niel (Belgium), 4 March 2019 - eTheRNA immunotherapies, a clinical-stage company developing cancer immunotherapies based on its proprietary mRNA TriMix platform, announces the completion of the high-dose cohort of its Phase 1b study (E011-MEL) evaluating ECI-006 (TriMix with tumor specific antigens) in an adjuvant setting in melanoma patients after surgical removal of lesions. The E011-MEL study confirms the feasibility of developing mRNA immunotherapy for direct injection intranodally, in addition to a previously used dendritic cell infusion-based approach.

The E011-MEL Phase 1b study was designed to evaluate intranodal (injection into the inguinal lymph nodes) administration of ECI-006 in adjuvant melanoma patients. ECI-006 is a TriMix-based immunotherapy boosted with mRNA encoding melanoma tumor-specific antigens. The study comprises a low-dose and a high-dose cohort, each enrolling 10 patients. Investigative centres were in Belgium and Spain. The objective of the study is to assess safety and tolerability of mRNA administered intranodally and to seek evidence of immune-stimulation.

eTheRNA completes enrolment of low dose cohort for Phase 1b study of TriMix mRNA-based cancer specific immunotherapy (ECI-006) in melanoma

ECI-006 is safe and well tolerated

Niel (Belgium), 19 March 2018 — eTheRNA immunotherapies, a clinical-stage company developing novel cancer immunotherapies based on its unique mRNA-based TriMix platform, announces that it has completed enrolment of the low dose cohort in its Phase 1b study (E011-MEL) of ECI-006 as an adjuvant therapy in metastatic melanoma patients.

Ten patients in total have been recruited for the low dose cohort (600 µg) and all patients have received at least four doses. A total of 44 doses have been administered with no adverse safety signals. Intranodal administration was associated with a 100% compliance.

eTheRNA secures EUR 24 million to develop its TriMix mRNA-based immunotherapy

Brussels (Belgium), 14 March 2016 — eTheRNA immunotherapies, a spin-off from the Brussels University 'Vrije Universiteit Brussel' (VUB), secured EUR 24 million in a Series A investment round with venture capital enabling the company to continue the development of its proprietary TriMix mRNA-based immunotherapies for melanoma, breast cancer and infectious diseases.