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PCI Biotech and eTheRNA immunotherapies initiate research collaboration

Exploring synergies between PCI and TriMix technologies to further enhance the effect of novel oncologic therapies

Oslo (Norway) and Niel (Belgium), 8 December 2016 — PCI Biotech (OSE: PCIB), a cancer focused biopharmaceutical company, and eTheRNA immunotherapies NV, a VUB spin-off company backed by strong life science investors to continue the development of mRNA-based immunotherapies, today announced that they are initiating a preclinical research collaboration.

The partnership is governed by a preclinical research collaboration agreement. In brief, the collaborators will evaluate technology compatibility and synergy based on in vivo studies. The companies will evaluate results achieved from this research collaboration and then explore the potential for a further partnership.

Per Walday, CEO of PCI Biotech, said: "I’m very pleased to announce another research agreement in the field of nucleic acid therapeutics. We believe that the PCI technology has the potential to play a role in the realisation of several new therapeutic modalities. We look forward to explore synergies with eTheRNA’ s unique and innovative mRNA based TriMix technology."

Dirk Reyn, CEO of eTheRNA immunotherapies, commented: "Encouraged by the impressive phase I/IIa study results with our ex vivo/cell version of our TriMix technology, we are focusing on the off-the shelf variant that can be applied intranodally, intradermally or by direct injection in the tumour and that represent a more convenient and cost effective product. While we are now about to initiate our second clinical trial with this in vivo formulation of TriMix, we continue to evaluate new technologies that may further enhance the efficacy of this mode of application. We are very pleased about the potential of the PCI platform and the opportunities of this research agreement."

About PCI Biotech: http://pcibiotech.no/about-pci-biotech/