• eTheRNA
  • Supplying mRNA constructs for the development of innovative therapies

mRNA production

eTheRNA, under the scientific leadership of Prof. Kris Thielemans, with support from co-founders Carlo Heirman and Sonja van Meirvenne, has built an impressive know-how and expertise in the production of mRNA constructs for research purposes.

From a strategic point of view, eTheRNA wishes to capitalize on the mRNA-production experience it has built over the last years. This strategic decision is further amplified by eTheRNA's strategy to develop a naked mRNA product that can be directly injected (in vivo), in addition to the existing cellular mRNA product (that is based on autologous dendritic cells that are extracted from the human body to be loaded ex vivo with tumor-associated antigens before being reinjected).

To this end, eTheRNA intends to open at the end of 2016 a brand new mid-size mRNA production facility with sufficient capacity to provide mRNA production services to third parties.